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Helpful Tips To Turn Your Clunker Car Into A Useable One


When you are a low-wage earner, having a car can be a luxury. If you were lucky enough to possess your dad’s old car, or you somehow managed to buy yourself a used car, you might want it to take you as far as possible. Keeping an old vintage car can be tricky. It will keep on asking for frequent visits to the repair shop, which might get unaffordable for you. 

If you are thinking of getting rid of your clunker car, but you do not have enough to buy a new car, then here are some things that you should consider renewing in your car to make it a usable one, as long as it has a running engine. 

1. Get A New Steering 

Getting your car Power Steering Pumps can make your life a lot easier. Power steering is much easier to use than non-powered ones. Upgrade the steering of your car to make it look as good as new. 

When your car is old, its steering might need to be replaced. Old steering can lose grip and mess up the alignment of the car. That increases the risks of an accident. If you want to stay safe, get your car a new steering wheel. 

  1. Find A New Windshield 

Old cars can get dangerous for driving, especially at night when their windshields get old and crack. Your window screen can get lines with time if you have not been careful with the cleaning cloth. As a result, it reduces the night visibility of the driver. When lights from the road hit the scratched windshield, they scatter thus making it difficult for the driver to see what is coming up ahead. 

If you want to reduce the risk of nighttime accidents, replace your car’s windshield. 

2. Add Fresh Headlights 

Just like windshields, headlights also lose their charm when your vehicle gets old. Scratched headlight covers can dim the light. Consequently, the driver can not see what is in front of him. This increases the risk of roadside accidents. 

You can easily find a pair of new headlights from shops that sell auto parts. You might have to do a little market search to find suitable headlights for your car’s model but you might be able to find alternatives as well. Getting fresh headlights can improve your visibility and also make your car look new. 

3. Refresh Body Paint 

Worn out paint of a car looks very ugly. It is not only a matter of looks but chipped-off paint might pose your car’s body to rusting process. If the body of a car is exposed directly to external elements such as moisture, sunlight, and dirt, then it will start to rust. 

Rust can eat up your vehicle in no time. If you want to keep the body of your car intact, then consider getting a coat of fresh paint. You can customize colors to make your car look more appealing. Make sure to choose paints that will protect your car from corrosion. 



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