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Sindhi jewellery reflects the traditional and cultural beliefs of the Sindhi community. From ancient designs to contemporary sparkling elegance, Sindhi bridal jewellery is crafted to enhance every aspect of a woman’s look. The community is known for its high-class living, strong tradition and sharp business sense. Sindhis are a multi-cultural group, influenced by Hindu and Sufi influences. They are found all over the world, and their influence is felt in the fashion industry. Among other things, Sindhi jewellery uses gold and diamonds in its designs.

Matajewellers is a well-known name in the jewellery business

Matajewellers is one of the most prominent names in the jewellery business in Sindhi. They use precious stones and gold to create jewellery that is both stylish and traditional. They also specialize in making special Sindhi Ginnis.

If you’re looking for a designer of jewelry for a special occasion, try looking for a contact number and brochure. You can also check reviews, complaints, and other information on their website. You can also contact them via phone or WhatsApp.

Matajewellers was founded in Sindh in 1975 and has been in the industry for decades. Since that time, they have been providing high-quality products to customers from all over the world. They have over 125 designers listed on IndiaMART.

It offers traditional designs to modern sparkling elegance

Sindhi Jewellers is a renowned name in the jewellery industry with an enviable track record of providing quality ornaments and exceptional customer service. The brand understands the changing fashion trends and continually improves its offerings. Their collection of exquisite jewellers ranges from classic designs to modern sparkling elegance.

Traditional designs are a strong influence in Sindhi jewelry, which ranges from wholesome, traditional styles to contemporary, sparkling elegance. The artisans who create these jewelry are experts in the Kundan and Sada Kari styles, and have perfected the Polk and Madrasi styles. Other styles, such as florals and geometrics, are also available.

It caters to sindhi males and females

Sindhi jewelry caters to males and females in different ways. Women can purchase jeweled waist belts, anklets, and necklaces to accentuate their curves and manage the weight of a lehenga. The wedding jewelry of a Sindhi bride will be made of kundan, gold, and richly colored stones. Taragdees are a tradition of the North Indian bride and are a source of pride for every Sindhi bride. Sindhi brides also wear chooda, a set of white/light beige and bright red bangles, and will wear them for 40 days after their marriage. Dhuri, another traditional jewelry of the Sindhi bride, is made of gold beads with a gem-encrusted pendant.

Other sindhi jewelry includes rings and special gold chains. These are called kandlas and can protect a woman from the negative energies of the evil eye. Another type of sindhi jewelry is the sindhi hai locket and najaria kangan. The wedding jewelry of a Sindhi bride is carefully designed to enhance every aspect of her look.

Sindhi weddings are large-scale affairs that involve customs, razzmatazz, and lots of food. Sindhis are known for their love of bling and the wedding is no exception. While the wedding is often a joyous affair filled with dazzling bling, the wedding ceremony is also a celebration of love and marriage.

Sindhi wedding jewelry is a combination of traditional and modern styles. While brides traditionally wear lehengas in red, modern Sindhis choose any color for their wedding attire. Another wedding jewelry is called a sindhi nath, which is similar to the Punjabi nath, but is made up of a gold hoop and a chain. The pendant is usually studded with precious gemstones.

Sindhi wedding jewelry is the perfect gift for a Sindhi bride. In a Sindhi wedding, the bride must walk over seven bags of rice with the groom, which symbolizes the couple taking their first steps towards the future. The bride then bids farewell to her family and heads to her husband’s home. She then receives a warm welcome from the groom’s family, including the groom’s family. The bride and groom then exchange garlands three times.

It celebrates the festival of Cheti Chand

In Sindhi culture, the month of Chaitra is considered a sacred month and is celebrated as Cheti Chand. This month is said to be beneficial and promising for starting new ventures. Therefore, the people of this region celebrate Cheti Chand with great enthusiasm and good energy.

The festival is also associated with the worship of the god Jhulelal. A large number of Sindhis visit the sacred spring, where they offer Baharana Sahib, which represents the god Jhulelal. The ritual includes an oil lamp, cardamom, crystal sugar, akha, and jyot. The festival is also celebrated in the Hindu Sindhi diaspora.

Cheti Chand is an important Sindhi festival that is celebrated across the country. The second day of the Sindhi calendar is dedicated to the worship of Jhulelal, the patron saint of the Sindhi community. The festival has great significance for Sindhis all over the world and is celebrated with vigor and great enthusiasm.

The Cheti Chand festival commemorates the birth anniversary of the Sindhi water god Jhulelal. Though the exact date is unknown, it is believed to have occurred in the 10th century in Sindh. The festival also features rituals that celebrate water.

Many Sindhis use jewelry to celebrate this auspicious festival. The traditional jewelry is adorned with intricate patterns and designs. The festival is celebrated in a different way in different sub-sects. For example, the Sindhi Amils celebrate Cheti Chand in a gurudwara. Similarly, the women of the Shikarpur community worship the son of their deceased brother during this auspicious day. During this festival, they light earthen lamps and wear new dresses. However, the festival is not as important for the general community as it is for the business community.



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