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Finding Shaded Seats at Comerica Park


When it comes to finding a good seat in a baseball stadium, you should be aware of the sun’s position. In the summer, the sun in Detroit is to the hitters’ right, so finding a spot with shade can be difficult. Luckily, sections 112-115 are sheltered under an overhang and are a good choice.

Kaline’s Corner

If you’re planning to watch a game at Comerica Park, Kaline’s Corner is one of the best places to sit. You’ll get a great view of the game and will be close to the Tigers dugout. These seats are in sections 118-120 along the first base line. These seats don’t have much overhead shade, but they have an excellent angle for the videoboard.

This section of Comerica Park is dedicated to former Tigers right fielder Al Kaline. It is home to roughly 11,000 seats and is named for the Hall of Fame right fielder. The seats are among the most affordable in the ballpark, but they still afford you great views. They are also a great place to catch live entertainment.

While Kaline’s Corner has shaded seats, they are not the best spots for sun protection. The best seats in these sections are located at the first base line and on the lower level. The upper level sections are not as nice, but they have decent views of the field.

The best place to find shade at Comerica Park is on the lower level. The lower rows are closer to the field. However, the shade isn’t as plentiful in the outfield sections. You’ll still have plenty of exposure to the sun, especially if you’re watching late at night games.

If you’re looking for a cheap seat at Comerica Park, Kaline’s Corner is the place to be. These seats offer excellent views of the downtown Detroit skyline and are not expensive. The only downside is that you won’t get a clear view of the scoreboard. But if you’re a left-handed batter, Kaline’s Corner is definitely a good option.

Outfield bleachers

Comerica Park’s outfield bleachers offer shaded seats along the first base line. They are located in the 100-level sections of the west side of the stadium. This section of the bleachers also provides great views of the field and the Tigers. The sections include upper and lower level seats.

The Tigers were unhappy with the height of the bleachers in the outfield. This meant the sun set behind the left field line, which made squinting at home plate and eye shielding commonplace. Fortunately, the outfield bleachers were redesigned to increase the shady area, making them more comfortable for fans.

The field level sections down the third base line are not very shaded, and most of the seating beyond the outfield wall does not have enough shade. Fortunately, there are some seats on the lower level that offer some shady relief, including Tigers Den seats.

There are also pavilion seats at Comerica Park. These seats are located in the outfield, with sections 144 to 151. The rows here vary, with the first section being closest to the field. The second section is further away, with rows AA through LL.


Comerica Park has a variety of shaded seating options for fans. The best shaded seats are along the first base line. You can also find shaded seats in the field level sections and in the upper deck. These sections offer decent views of the game and are less exposed to the sun.

Sections 344, 345, and 346 offer excellent views of downtown Detroit, but don’t expect to see the scoreboard from these sections. However, they will offer a view of the home team’s dugout. These sections are very affordable and offer good views of the action.

Sections 213 and 211 provide good shade coverage. Seats along the first base line will enjoy some relief from the afternoon sun. Rows 27 and up offer the most shade. As the game progresses, the shadows on the first base side will become longer, providing additional shade for fans in those rows.

If you plan to bring kids, consider purchasing tickets in the lower-level standing areas. These are generally cheaper than in other ballparks. Unlike other ballparks, the Tiger Statues on the Scoreboard will light up when a home run is hit. Moreover, there is also a ferris wheel with baseball-shaped cars on the lower level. Seats in these sections are perfect for families with children.

Tiger Den seats are available in the lower deck between the dugouts. These seats offer a great view of the park and downtown skyline. These tickets also give fans access to several exclusive clubs at Comerica Park. The Tiger Den Lounge is located near section 131. It also has a cigar bar. These seats are perfect for a relaxing outing.



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