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It’s My Lip Crayon


A lip crayon can be a great alternative to a liquid lipstick. These pencils have a matte finish and last long on your lips. You can use them on all weather conditions. They also come with a built-in sharpener so that you can make sure that you apply them perfectly.

Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick

Kylie Jenner has a secret weapon for the perfect pout – a matte liquid lipstick. This vegan formula is ultra-concentrated, and packed with intense pigments. It offers up to eight hours of wear, and is resistant to moisture, smudges, and fading.

This liquid lipstick has a smooth, thin texture that spreads evenly and dries to a matte finish in just seconds. It also features a doe-foot applicator that makes it easy to fill in the corners of your lips. Once applied, the sweet cupcake fragrance dissipates within minutes, leaving you with a budge and smudge-proof finish.

The unique matte finish of this lip product ensures a rich, full-coverage look that lasts all day. It’s so matte, in fact, that it barely needs to be touched up, despite its intense pigments. And since it’s vegan, you can wear it all day long without worrying about it drying out your lips.

Benefits of using a lip crayon

Using a lip crayon is an excellent way to add a pop of colour to your lips. Not only does it provide you with a gorgeous colour, but the crayon also helps lock in moisture on the lips and make them look more supple. The Recode Matte Lip Crayon is a great option for anyone, especially those with darker skin.

The formula in a lip crayon has nourishing ingredients that can keep your lips soft and supple all day. It can also target fine lines and prevent the development of new ones. It also provides long-lasting color. While lip crayons can be a convenient option, they are not as long-lasting as a traditional lip color, so you will need to reapply them throughout the day.

The creamy formula glides on smoothly and lasts for hours. It can be applied with precision, or you can fill in your entire lip for a more intense look. The lightweight, flexible film formers help set the color in place, and the angled shape helps define your lips. The best part is that lip crayons are made with the highest quality natural ingredients, and the packaging is designed to minimize waste. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it to the manufacturer, and they will refund your money. The refund will be applied to the payment method you used when purchasing the product.

Another great advantage of using a lip crayon is that it is much easier to apply than a lip liner or a lipstick. Unlike a lip pencil, a lip crayon can be used on light and dark lips and blended to create multiple shades and looks. As a result, it saves time, money, and space. Lip crayons can also provide more precise application than lipsticks, making them a great choice for busy moms on a budget.

Another advantage of using a lip crayon is that it has an extra benefit: it is more hydrating than a lipstick, which means that it will last longer. You can also create custom colors with these lip crayons, which is a great feature if you want your lips to look plump and firm. The only downside to using a lip crayon is that they are not as long-lasting as lipstick, so you may have to reapply them frequently to get the desired look.

Lip crayons are also excellent multi-purpose makeup items, as they can be used as a blush and lip definer. They can also create the illusion of fuller lips because they are made of highly pigmented ingredients. Since they’re so soft, they can be layered or blended with your fingers or with a beauty sponge.

Another benefit of using a lip crayon is that you can create ombre looks and the latest TikTok trends without any trouble. They don’t dry like lip paints, and are easier to apply than lipsticks. They are also more precise, and glide easily across your lips.

Another advantage of lip crayons is their low price. Often, you can purchase a good quality lip crayon for under Rs. 250, which is comparable to one normal lipstick. Another benefit of using a lip crayon is that they can create a smooth base for a lip gloss.

Another benefit of using a lip crayon is that it lasts longer than a normal lipstick. In addition to that, matte crayons are also much cheaper than lipsticks. For instance, Recode’s Matte Lip Crayon is soft and doesn’t need extra lip balm, and is considered to be one of the best lip crayons in India.



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