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How to Use Character Boosts in World of Warcraft


World of Warcraft characters can now use character boosts. To do so, you must first create a character. After this, click the Class Trial option and select the class you would like. You can then customize your character and choose the boost icon. It will take a few minutes to create your character.

Boosting a character in World of Warcraft

Many players in World of Warcraft want to buy a character boost to speed up their progress and rank in the game. The process of buying a character boost is very simple. First, you must choose the character class you want to boost. Some classes have higher starting levels and others start at lower levels. Then, you should provide your character with a cvs number. Once you have done this, you will receive an email confirming your purchase. You can then cancel the purchase if you wish.

Character boosting is a simple process that can be performed on an existing or new character. Characters at level 1 are worth more than those at level 44, so it is important to consider this before choosing your character. After you’ve done this, you can choose the specialization you want to boost. This will determine the initial gear your character will have. The character boost won’t work on a boosted character’s heritage armor sets, so make sure you choose the right option.

The only drawback to using a character boost is that you’ll lose access to certain areas and content from previous expansions. For instance, if you choose to level up your character on an allied race, you won’t be able to earn Heritage Armor or dungeons from previous expansions. Boosted characters can’t go to dungeons in previous expansions for 24 hours.

Character boosts will fill your character’s gear slots with uncommon quality gear. You’ll also be able to mail your old gear to the character. This will allow you to convert these items into epic quality gear and increase your character’s item level. Boosting your character is one of the fastest and easiest ways to level up in World of Warcraft.

Boosts are the newest feature in World of Warcraft. When players level up, they’ll automatically be marked as PvP characters. Then, they’ll automatically be flagged for PvP and raiding, which will make them more competitive than they’d otherwise be.


If you are looking to gain an edge over your friends in World of Warcraft, a character boost may be the perfect solution. This upgrade gives you access to a variety of new features, such as a new gear set or a new class. Moreover, it will help you reach the soft cap in just a few hours. However, this option requires a small upfront investment – 200 silver, roughly $20.

Level 90 character boosts will cost around $60, and they’re not free. You can purchase them at the Services menu in the in-game shop. After purchasing them, you’ll be able to see an icon on your character selection screen. The cost isn’t cheap, but if you’re a player who wants to max out their alts as soon as possible, this option may be worth it.

There are several ways to get a Character Boost. The Standard Edition of Battle for Azeroth comes with a Level 110 character boost, while the pre-purchase of the Shadowlands expansion gives you a Level 120 character boost. You’ll also receive new gear, four 22-slot bags, and more. You’ll need to buy a character boost at an in-game shop, and you’ll need $60/PS40 to get a Level 110 boost.


Character boosts provide players with new powers and abilities. These abilities can be used to gain experience and boost your character’s level. These new powers and abilities can be accessed through various quests. To make use of these boosts, players must be at least Level 10 in the game. In order to unlock the powers, players must first complete the Iron Horde Incursion world event, which takes place in the Blasted Lands.

You can choose a specialty to boost your character. This will determine the equipment you receive after the boost. You must also select your main specialization before boosting. When you complete the character boost, you can start playing your new character in Oribos or through the Stormwind portal. Then, you can select an item to use in the game.

Character boosts are an excellent way to unlock new abilities and boost your gear. Boosting your character allows you to level 30 faster, complete campaign missions, maximize Gear Score, and unlock progress achievements. However, if your character already has the maximum Gear Score in the World Tier, boosting will not be a good idea. Furthermore, your character’s quest log will be cleared and all progress will be lost during the boost process. In addition, boosted characters will no longer be able to use character services for 72 hours after the boost.

Easy to use

Easy to use character boost is an easy way to increase your level in a game. You can use the boost anytime you want. There’s no expiration date or time limit, and you can keep your boost for years. This will get you to level 90, which is equivalent to level 50. But before you use the boost, make sure you choose the right character.

First, you need to choose which specialization you want to level up. If you have chosen the wrong specialization, you’ll get a warning message. You can skip this message by pressing the “Confirm” button. Once you have made your selection, press the “Level Up” button to proceed. The leveling process will take a few minutes to a couple of hours. After the process, you won’t be able to enter dungeons from previous expansions for 24 hours. After that, your character will appear in Oribos by the portals to Stormwind.

Character boost is a one-time purchase that allows your character to reach a level faster than you would normally be able to. This is a great way to complete campaign missions, maximize your Gear Score, and unlock progress achievements faster. You can purchase character boosts in the in-game shop for $60/PS40. Boosts will also allow you to make your character better equipped for the max-level Shadowlands content.

Once you’ve made your character, you’ll need to choose the main specialization you want to enhance. Choosing a specialization is important because it will determine which equipment you’ll get after the boost. A high level character with a specialization in one area will have a much easier time getting that equipment.

Character boosts are the perfect solution for players who find solo activities boring. They’ll help you get ahead in your game faster and make solo activities easier. The new easy-to-use character boosts will increase your character’s speed and ability level. Whether you want to play a raid or just explore the world, character boosts will make the game more enjoyable.



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