How to Make a Phone Charm


Having a charm for your phone is a fun and personal way to express yourself. You can make your own charm from a variety of materials. You will need beads, thread, metal coat hanger, and a beaded strap. These materials can be purchased at craft stores or made from home.


If you’re looking for a unique and personal way to make your cell phone ring, consider making a beaded phone charm. You can make a beaded phone charm to match your horoscope sign. You can also buy a beaded charm on Etsy. You can even gift it as a Christmas stocking stuffer.

First, measure your wrist. Use a cloth measuring tape to find the right length of the bracelet-like portion of the phone charm. Next, string the beads onto the cord of your choice. It’s best to use nylon cord as it is more sturdy and less likely to break.

Once you have the proper tools, you can begin to make your own phone charm. Depending on your style, you can make a large or small charm. You can also use a key chain ring to attach the phone charm to. You’ll need about eight inches of cord or thread to create a phone charm. Next, thread the beads to the last edge of the cord or thread. Once they’re close together, knot the thread or cord and secure the bead. You can also burn the fishing line with a flame to make it a little more secure. Finally, add the last bead to the charm to complete the phone charm.

Once you’ve completed the string, make a strap to attach the beads. You can use a piece of nylon cord or a metal coat hanger. String the beads on the thread until they are about 7.5 inches long. Tie a double knot, then add a drop of crazy glue or crimp beads. Now your phone charm is ready to wear!


Phone charms are a great way to personalize your cell phone and can also protect your phone from negative energies. They can be made of many different materials, including yarn, embroidery floss, and beading thread. Some people use metal coat hangers to create their phone charms.

The first step in making a phone charm is to decide on where you would like the charm to be placed. The charm should be placed in a place where it does not affect the operation of the phone. If it is in the wrong place, it could obstruct the camera lens and interfere with how you hold your phone. The charm should also be placed where it will not be intrusive. It should be placed at the back of the phone so that it does not wobble when you put it down.

After selecting the location where you want to place the phone charm, you should prepare the materials needed for the phone charm. A needle and thread are essential. You should be able to use two strands of thread and one strand of jewelry wire to create your phone charm. Be sure to have a minimum of eight inches of thread or cord and at least two beads for your charm.

A cloth measuring tape is helpful in making this phone charm strap. If you want to create a more funky phone charm, choose different colors of beads and add different types. Alternatively, you can choose a color pattern and go for a classic, sophisticated look. Once you’ve made your phone charm, you should tie a double knot on the strap. This double knot creates the bracelet-like portion of the phone charm and a loop that connects the charm to the phone.

Beaded strap

Whether you want a phone charm for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you can easily make one at home. Beaded phone charms are easy to make an excellent gift. These phone charms are also quite inexpensive to make, so they are a great DIY project.

Beads are very popular and are often used in fashion and beauty products. You can find DIY instructions on the internet. Some websites, such as 5 Minute Crafts, offer easy-to-follow guides and instructions. All you need is some simple materials and a special suction cup holder.

First, you’ll need a phone case that has a cutout. Next, make the bracelet-like portion of the charm. After that, make a loop to attach it to the phone. You can add extra beads if you want to make it more personalized. You can use different colors and shapes of beads to create a funky charm, or use a simple pattern of alternating colors.

Next, you need a thread about 10 inches long. This will keep the beads from getting clumped together and will keep them in shape. Thread the beads with the thread and pass them through, as shown in the diagram. You’ll want to use yellow beads for the center of the flower, and red beads for the body of the flower. Depending on the size of the flower, you might need more or fewer red beads.

Beaded chain

If you want to make your own unique phone charm, one of the most common ways is to make a beaded chain. A beaded chain phone charm can be used for various reasons, including a necklace, bracelet, or even as a charm for your cell phone. There are two main ways to make a beaded chain phone charm. The first method is to use plain beads, but you can also use beads that have a design or pattern. For example, you can add a heart-shaped bead or a letter that matches your phone case.

Beaded phone charms are popular accessories for smartphones, and you can make them yourself to personalize them. You can make them with your own beads, and even add a name or nick name to them. You can find videos of people making these phone charms on YouTube and TikTok. These charms are extremely simple to make, and you can make them for a cheap price.

A beaded phone charm is also a great way to express yourself. The charms can be attached to your phone case at various points, including the audio button holes. In some countries, beaded phone straps are used as phone accessories. Beaded phone chains are a popular fashion accessory in these countries.

Eye pin

If you have a phone case, you can make your own phone charm by using a simple eye pin. This small pin has a pointy end and a long loop on the top where you can put a jump ring. You’ll need a pair of pliers for this step.

Using pliers, hold the eye pin firmly. Then, use the loop end to bend the wire. Next, bend the wire in the opposite direction to the first bend. This will secure the eye pin to the polymer clay charm. Be careful not to bend the wire too far, or it will fall out.

For a cheap phone charm, you can use six or ten mm glass pearl beads. You can also use a head pin instead of an eye pin. You’ll also need a brass chain or several strips of chain. Finally, a jumpring is necessary to attach the beads.

You can make a phone charm from just about any type of object. It’s a great activity for kids and is not difficult to learn. The materials you need are readily available. Wool yarns and cotton threading can work well for phone charms. Make sure to use round nose pliers to clamp the wires. You’ll want to leave about half an inch of string at the end.


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