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Italian Pasta Types

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When it comes to Italian pasta, you can find a variety of varieties. Whether you’re trying to make the perfect casserole or you want to make a simple meat ragu, there are several types of pasta to choose from. This article will give you a brief overview of the different types. Read on to learn about the different types of pasta and their characteristics.

Cannelloni pasta

Cannelloni is an Italian pasta that is shaped like a cylinder and is usually baked. The name “cannelloni” comes from an Italian word that means “big reeds.” This type of pasta is also called “manfriguli” in the Valtellina region and “crusetti” in Sicily. Both terms are used interchangeably in the English language, but discerning chefs know the difference.

This pasta was first created by Nicola Federico in 1907 while working at a restaurant in Sorrento, Italy. He originally called the tubular pasta “strascinati” and later changed the name to cannelloni. During World War II, the pasta’s popularity soared. Today, you can find cannelloni in most Italian restaurants.

The Italians love to eat pasta in any shape, but cannelloni are especially versatile. This stuffed pasta is made of eggs and bread crumbs. It’s also very thin, and is typically served with a light sauce. Cannelloni are typically paired with marinara or a tomato sauce.

Fusilli are another pasta type that originated in Southern Italy. Fusilli are made by twisting a strand of pasta until it reaches a desired shape. Fusilli are slightly denser than rotini, and are best eaten with thick cream sauces. Another Italian pasta type is gemelli, which means twins. They look like two twisted rounded noodles, but are actually just one long tube. The length of the tube depends on the maker’s preference, and it may be long or short.


Cavatappi is an Italian pasta type that’s very popular in the US. They’re a great choice for mac and cheese because they’re easy to coat with sauce and satisfying to chew. The name is a compound of two words, cava and tappi, which means “stopper extractor”. It also has many other names, including cavatazzini, cavatappi, and cavatazzini.

Cavatappi is an Italian pasta type with a twisted shape. It is often made with a combination of cheese, ricotta, and meat, and is typically served with ragu alla bolognese. It is native to Sicily, and is easily made with a pasta maker.

Cavatappi has a ridged surface that resembles a corkscrew. This makes it perfect for retaining creamy or chunky sauces. It can also be used in pasta salads. It’s similar to tortellini, but is thinner.

Cavatappi is an Italian pasta type that’s often made with a tomato sauce and is shaped like a corkscrew. They’re also often paired with cheeses, such as mozzarella. They’re also great in pasta salads and baked dishes.


Rotelle is a type of pasta that is commonly known for its unusual shape. This type of pasta is made of durum wheat and is used in a wide variety of Italian dishes. It is often served with tomato sauce and is also popular with baked dishes. In addition to its versatility as a main dish, rotelle is also often used as a side dish for a light pasta salad.

One Italian pasta type, rotelle is often found in soups and stews. They are also used to make a variety of different kinds of pasta salads. The round shape of this pasta makes it ideal for serving with creamy sauces. It is also a versatile ingredient in pasta bakes and soups.

This pasta is similar to fusilli and is often shaped like a corkscrew. However, unlike fusilli, rotelle is made of semolina rather than whole wheat flour. Some varieties even have spinach, tomato, and red pepper powder added. This type of pasta is a great way to incorporate vegetables into a kid’s diet.


Chifferi is an Italian pasta type that comes in different shapes and sizes. It is originally from Central and Northern Italy and is used in soups and salads. It also pairs well with cheese sauces and tomato-based condiments. This is a great pasta choice if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to regular pasta.

Chifferi is very similar to American elbow macaroni. Its shape is similar to that of an elbow, but it has ridges around the edges. It is a great choice for snacking or enjoying an authentic Italian dish. Chifferi pasta is made from durum wheat semolina and is both nutritious and tasty.

Another pasta type made from durum wheat flour is cavatelli. These twisted pasta shapes are often served with tomato-based sauces or baked dishes. They are also popular in pasta salad dressings. This pasta is made from eggless dough, but some are made with ricotta.

Among Italian pasta types, there are many regional varieties. Some are unique to particular regions, while others are found throughout the country. These regional differences can result in different names for the same type.


Croxetti is another Italian pasta type. These noodles are shaped like a medallion and are stamped with intricate designs. They are commonly served with soups and are flavored with a light or heavy sauce. A recent box by Nonna Box included Croxetti along with a recipe for pesto.

Campanelle is a delicate type of pasta with a hollow center. The bell shape of this pasta makes it ideal for holding sauces and dressings. Garganelli, which are made by wrapping dough around a wooden stick, are another type of Italian pasta. Maccheroni is another type of pasta. This pasta type has ridges, and is often tossed with cream sauce.

The most famous Italian pasta is pappardelle, which originates from Sicily. These long, flat ribbons of pasta are best eaten with a thick sauce. Another type of pasta is casarecce, a broad, long pasta from Tuscany that is often served with a hearty red sauce.

Another Italian pasta type is the cocciolette. They are similar to conchiglioni, but are thinner and extruded. These are often used in soups, salads, and baked dishes. They are sometimes served as a first course.


Strascinati are ridged pasta that are similar in shape to orecchiette, but are much larger. The name comes from the verb “strascinare,” which means “to stretch.” These types of pasta are traditionally made by pulling small chunks of pasta dough over a baking board. They can be flavored with fried breadcrumbs or anchovies. Traditionally, they’re served with simple tomato sauces or classic ragus.

A classic Italian pasta dish is strascinati con la Mollica. This dish features strascinati topped with anchovies and olive oil. Another delicious dish is strascinati topped with olive oil, toasted breadcrumbs, and fresh parsley.

Strascinati are a type of home-made pasta that is similar to orecchiette. They are cooked in a watery broth, then left to rest for at least 15 minutes. Once cooked, they should rise to the top, indicating they are ready.

Strascinati are Italian pasta types with ridges on the surface. They’re similar to macaroni but are much smaller. They’re typically added to soups, but are also commonly used in salads.


Pasta is a staple of Italian cuisine and comes in many shapes and sizes. Traditionally, it is made from milled wheat and water, sometimes with vitamins and minerals added. While it is typically white because of its refined flour, it can be made with other flour types. It is traditionally accompanied by tomato sauce or tomato-based sauces.

Spaghetti is one of the most common types of Italian pasta, although there are also many variations of these types. Tortellini, for example, is a small, round noodle similar to spaghetti but thicker. Tortellini is a smaller version of spaghetti and can be served with marinara or meat sauce. Tortellini is also a type of stuffed pasta. This type is similar to ravioli, but thicker and twisted. Tortellini is often served in a tomato-based sauce.

Other Italian pasta types include penne and gnocchi. Both spaghetti and gnocchi are made from the same dough. Spaghetti is the most popular type, and is the most common in the United States. Spaghetti is the most common type, and is most commonly served as a side dish with chicken or beef.

Types of Pasta

There are several different types of pasta, and each type is used for different purposes. For example, a linguine is a ring of pasta, while a ravioli is a long, thin strand of pasta. Some pastas are made with different ingredients than others, so be sure to read the label carefully before purchasing.

There are many varieties of farfalle, the most popular of which is the bow-shaped one. This pasta is often used in salads and soups. It is also referred to as tagliatelle, and its name translates to “little bells.” Farfalle is a type of pasta made with egg-enriched dough that has a thin center and a ruffled edge. Farfalle is best enjoyed with a tomato-based sauce.

Another popular type of pasta is the long variety. Long noodles are great for twirling and nest-like shapes. This pasta pairs well with tomato-based sauces and is a versatile choice for pasta salads. It can also be paired with a variety of other pasta types. And there are varieties of pappardelle that don’t have a traditional shape, including a corkscrew-shaped pasta.

Tortellini, a cylindrical pasta that resembles a hot dog bun, is another pasta that is popular in Italy. Made with semolina flour, it’s easy to prepare at home and makes a great base for a simple sauce. Casarecce, a pasta originating in Sicily, is another type of noodle. It comes in three sizes, with the smallest being conchigliette and the largest being conchiglioni. The middle size shells are known as conchiglie. Manicotti is another type of pasta that has a large variety of uses. It’s best served with a tomato sauce and some cheesy topping.



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