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The True Beauty Collection by W Dressroom


Those who know perfumes know the brand w.dressroom. Its perfumes are popular among popular idols and celebrities. Its most popular fragrance is No. 97 (April Cotton). There are other fragrances, such as 49 Peach Blossom and NEOTIDE KOREA. Here are some of them:

No. 97 (April Cotton)

The No. 97 (April Cotton) for dressroom is a popular fragrance for women. This fragrance has a fruity top note and rich heart and base notes. It is an excellent anti-odor and anti-bacterial fragrance. It is recommended for use on clothing and also on hair. This scent can be used on both dry and wet clothes. It is also a natural deodorant.


When it comes to Korean beauty products, W.Dressroom has a reputation for creating some of the most beautiful products. In fact, the brand is one of the top choices of BTS Jungkook. And with the help of their True Beauty Collection, you can get some of the best Korean beauty products right in your home.

No. 49 Peach Blossom

The scent of Peach Blossom is a favorite among many women. Its delicate and natural scent lingers long after the room is scented, and 99.9% of bacteria and other odor-causing particles are gone. Its notes include peach, prune, jasmine, coconut, orris, and honey. It smells fresh and comforting, and is perfect for stale or smelly rooms.

No. 97 April Cotton

Among the top-selling fragrances of the Korean market, No. 97 April Cotton is a favorite of the BTS singer Jungkook. It is a blend of rich fragrances and fruity notes. This fragrance is ideal for removing odor and bacteria from clothes. Users can spray it directly on clothes and refresh the area around them.



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