A Sanrio Photocard Holder is a Cute Way to Protect Your Favorite Photos

sanrio photocard holder

A Sanrio photocard holder is a cute way to protect your favorite photos. This limited edition release from Sanrio Korea measures 63 x 90 mm and has a flap on the back to keep it closed. The sleeve also has a hard plastic card inside.

Amazon Japan

If you have a special photo of your Sanrio favourite, you can protect it with a Sanrio photo card holder. This limited-edition release is suitable for both home and travel, and features a hard plastic card and a flap that closes the case. It is available from Amazon Japan for a much lower price than most other places. Be aware, though, that Amazon Japan doesn’t ship internationally and you will need to use a forwarder to get your purchase.

Sanrio Photocard Holder Pro and Cons

The Sanrio photocard holder has its pros and cons. The best place to buy it is on Amazon Japan. You can choose from a variety of designs and the price is lower than anywhere else. The only downside is that you can’t get your photocard holder shipped overseas unless you use a forwarder.

Sanrio Photocard Holder FAQs

If you want to get a Sanrio photocard holder, you might have some questions. These holders are limited edition releases from Sanrio Korea and are a great way to store and protect your cherished photos. They measure 63 x 90 mm and have a flap on the back so that you can keep the case closed. Inside the case is a hard plastic card that protects your treasured photos.

Amazon Japan is the OG place to buy photocard holders

If you’re wondering how to buy a Sanrio photocard holder, you’ve come to the right place. The official Sanrio photocard holder includes a keychain and is designed to carry kpop idol photocards. The case is about 63mm in diameter and has a flap at the back that keeps it closed. It also includes a hard plastic card.

Buying a sanrio photocard holder

Buying a Sanrio photocard holder is a great way to protect your most treasured photos. These photocard holders are a limited-edition release from Sanrio Korea, and you can mount them on your wall or even put them in a bag. They measure 63 x 90 mm and have a flap at the back that closes the case and protects your pictures. They also have a hard plastic card inside.

Buying a sanrio photocard holder in Japan

Buying a sanriao photocard holder is an easy way to show off your cherished photos. They come in various sizes, so you can display them on a wall or bag. Each one is 63 x 90 mm and features a flap at the back that seals the case. A hard plastic card is also inside.


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