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How to Tell If a Kylie Lip Kit is Fake


There are many ways to tell if a Kylie Lip Kit is a fake. Some retailers will be able to show you the real thing, while others will send you a fake. You can also check out eBay to see if a retailer shows you a fake item. Alternatively, you can check out e-commerce websites like DHgate, which sells counterfeit Kylie Lip Kits.

Authentic vs fake

One way to tell the difference between a fake and an authentic Kylie lip kit is to compare the size of the lettering. Authentic Kylie lip kits feature larger lettering and fonts. The fakes, on the other hand, have a smaller font and are poorly positioned. You can also look at the size of the fonts on the packaging of a Kylie lip kit.

The Life of Kylie clip above makes an important point about fake products: fakes can be very convincing and can fool even Kylie’s devoted fans. So if you are considering buying one of the Kylie lip kits, be careful. Read on to find out the difference between the two.

One of the first ways to tell the difference between a fake and an authentic Kylie lip kit is to examine the packaging. The real Kylie lip kit has a silver circular sticker on the bottom. A fake Kylie lip kit will have a plastic cap without a seal, and the letters will be less bold.

A recent incident in downtown L.A. involved the confiscation of $300,000 worth of counterfeit beauty products. This included popular lip kits. The counterfeits were found in 21 stores in the fashion district. They also contained fake Urban Decay and Kylie cosmetics. While the fakes looked like the real thing, they contained dangerous substances such as animal feces and mercury.


The first thing you’ll notice about a fake Kylie Lip Kit is the fonts. The fonts on the fake lip kit are smaller and appear blurry. They’re also much lighter. While real Kylie Lip Kits have a heavier weight, fake ones are thinner and lighter.

The fonts on the Kylie Lip Kit are made from two different types of fonts: Daxline and Kylie 4F. Daxline is the original font used by Kylie Cosmetics and the Kylie 4F is a version designed by Sergiy Tkachenko. It was published on February 4th.

The fonts on Kylie Lip Kits are very similar, but there are some differences. The Kylie brand uses the Daxline font, which is similar to the Bebas Neue and Bebas Kai fonts. They’re similar in size, but the G and K are different. Also, the shape of the lip liner caps is different. The fake has a convex shape, while the real one has a flat one.

The fonts on the Kylie lip kit boxes are chunkier. They’re also slightly smaller. In addition, Kylie’s packaging has a white wand with a brush tip. While fake Kylie lip kits are smaller, they are still the same size.


If you are buying Kylie Cosmetics lip kits, you may be wondering whether they are genuine or not. There are a few ways to tell the difference. For starters, you should never pay less than $20 for one of these products. However, if you do find a kit for a cheaper price, you can safely report it to the seller to get a refund.

The packaging of a real Kylie Lip Kit will have more information on it than a fake one. For instance, the real Kylie Lip Kit will have a smaller box and a more bold sticker. You should also look for the indent on the bottom where the sticker is located.

Another sign that a Kylie lip kit is fake is a different font on the lip liner. A fake Kylie lipstick will have a font that is much smaller and not as centering. A fake Kylie lip kit will have three straight lines on the lip liner, while the real one will have five. Additionally, the size of the colour cap is different. The fake lip liner will have a colour cap that is centimetres long while the real one has a slightly smaller one.

The Life of Kylie video makes a very important point about fake products. The fakes look just like the original products, and fans of Kylie Cosmetics may be easily fooled. If you find a fake Kylie lip kit, you should not even buy it.


The Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Kit is a great way to create matte lip looks that last all day. This kit comes with a matte lip liner and liquid lipstick duo that have high-pigment formulas that will not dry out your lips. The kit is priced around $40 and comes with a full-size mirror.

If you’d like to purchase a Lip Kit, you can do so online. The company’s website lists shipping prices, ranging from $8 to $14 for both domestic and international orders. However, with the quality of the lip kit, this price tag isn’t really justified. So, how can you purchase a Kylie Lip Kit without breaking the bank?

First, you should know the colors of the lip kits. There are four shades in this collection, and the price range varies depending on the shade. The shade “Leo” is a true deep burgundy shade and costs $30. The color was released in August 2016 and was discontinued later that month. Another shade, “Smile”, is a pale pink shade that is sold for around $10. As part of the proceeds from this limited-edition Lip Kit, the brand donated the net proceeds to the Smile Train organization. The nonprofit has funded over 600 surgeries for children with severe disabilities and their families.

Another notable feature of Kylie Jenner’s lip kits is their intense social media presence. The makeup entrepreneur has millions of followers and has even set up her own app where she posts updates and exclusive updates on her lip kits. The beauty entrepreneur also responds to customer messages.


One of the first ways to spot a fake Kylie lip kit is the packaging. A real Kylie Cosmetics lip kit will have more information printed on it than a fake one. Also, the fake’s box will be smaller and the font will be bolder. In addition, the fake will not contain any lip liner.

An authentic Kylie Lip Kit will have two small drops at the back of the bottle, and a silver circular sticker. A fake Kylie Lip Kit will have a blurred sticker or a sticker that is not in the center. If you find the sticker on the fake version, the text is smaller and the font is more solid.

The shape of the packaging is another way to tell if the product is genuine. A real Kylie Lip Kit will come in a rectangular box, while a fake will be in a square box. Some fake Kylie lip kits may even be sold in boxes that look like the genuine ones. Lastly, you’ll want to check the price of the lipstick. A genuine Kylie Lip Kit will cost around 1,500 to 2,000php, or around $40. If it’s priced lower, it’s likely a fake.

Besides lip kits, Kylie Jenner has also ventured into eyeshadow, blush, highlighters, and blush. Her beauty line has done more than $420 million in sales in less than 18 months, and is worth millions of dollars. Kylie is still a young entrepreneur, but she’s doing everything she can to make her business a success. Recently, the brand tracked down stalls where fake Kylie Lip Kits were sold.



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