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The Soft Girl, Oceanboy, and Cottagecore Aesthetics

softie aesthetic
softie aesthetic

The soft girl aesthetic largely consists of home-body-type styles. You might associate this aesthetic with things like listening to music, baking, and watching anime. But this style is all about breaking stereotypes. Those who belong to the soft girl aesthetic are not limited to these activities. They can also indulge in other activities, like surfing and camping.

Soft girl

The soft girl aesthetic is popular with girls who are into anime and homebody hobbies. While you can pull off the look with basic pieces like a tee-shirt and jeans, you can easily elevate it with accessories like colorful hairpins or tiny patterned bags. A colorful pair of sneakers will also work wonders.

The soft girl aesthetic is associated with colours, femininity, and female friendship. A soft girl’s outfit should include plenty of pink and pastel colours. She should also wear cute accessories like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. The best places to shop for soft girl styles are H&M and Forever 21. These stores carry adorable graphics that will add to her look.

The soft girl aesthetic is a popular subculture that is mostly adopted by teens. It has grown in popularity in recent years thanks to social media platforms like TikTok. The concept is based on a blend of different styles that have inspired many trends. It is a kind of retro aesthetic that celebrates cute clothes and accessories.

Makeup is an essential part of the soft girl aesthetic. The soft girl aesthetic is synonymous with pastel shades, but it can also be interpreted with bright colors. Jewelry with a soft, feminine feel is popular, and it may even feature retro objects from childhood, such as smiley face necklaces, clay earrings, and plastic rings.

The soft girl aesthetic is feminine and sweet. The color palette is filled with pastels, pink blush, and heart prints. The dress is often worn with chunky sneakers, a cardigan, and a cute top. Bright and colorful jewelry is also popular in the soft girl aesthetic. It’s important to remember that the soft girl aesthetic is not set in stone, and that it can be interpreted to be a little edgy, even empowering.

The soft girl aesthetic has been popular on tumblr for a long time, and has branched out to other social media platforms, such as Instagram. The soft girl aesthetic is a versatile way to express yourself and enjoy the many facets of your life.


The softboy aesthetic is the perfect way to channel a laidback, relaxed look. The soft boy aesthetic is not overly grungy and is often characterized by oversized, comfortable clothing. Generally, soft boy clothing consists of white t-shirts and oversized crewneck t-shirts. They are also suitable for layering, and can be combined with cropped trousers and a denim jacket. You can also accessorize your outfits with a variety of other accessories, such as sunglasses and hats.

The softboy aesthetic has many definitions and is often associated with men who are in touch with their feelings. Oftentimes, these men are into arts and literature, and they are supportive of equal rights for both sexes. They may also be into makeup and excessive jewelry. Their looks may be considered feminine, but it is often a way to show that they are in touch with their inner feelings.

A striped long sleeve t-shirt is a great way to add a casual touch to your look. It’s an excellent choice for layering because it looks great when covered up with another, bigger t-shirt. This versatile shirt is under $20 and can be worn with a variety of daytime outfits.

Softboys are often drawn to places where art is prominent. They tend to be progressive and open-minded, and are a great fit for art exhibits, open mic nights, or gigs. Some of these artists are ‘arty softbois’, and are known for being good at what they do. Softboys also tend to be very expressive, and often enjoy wearing hats.

The soft boy aesthetic has exploded in popularity since its inception on the internet in the late 2010s. It has risen to a new level among Gen Z audiences in 2019. It is a style that is based on queerness and embraces the queerness of fashion. Some of the best examples of soft boys include Timothee Chalamet and Jaden Smith.

Soft boys generally wear loose t-shirts, cardigans, and sweaters, and pair them with high-waisted pants and jeans. They also wear feminine accessories. The soft boy style is popular in the spring, especially in pastel colors and flowy fabrics.


Oceanboy has a more laid-back aesthetic than Softboy does, with an emphasis on oceans and light. They are often seen in pastel or cool-tone color palettes, but they don’t necessarily have to be. They are just as adorable, and they can also be quite cold when they want to be.

The Softboy aesthetic is a style that is reminiscent of the Softgirl aesthetic, but with a masculine twist. The Softboys’ clothing styles often feature pastel colors, but are sometimes subdued. They also adopt a vintage-themed fashion aesthetic. The Softboy aesthetic is also found on Softbots.


The Cottagecore aesthetic is defined by soft, airy textures, delicate embroidery, and an eco-friendly aesthetic. Florals are a perennial favorite. Whether vintage hand-painted blooms or micro-florals sprouting from a piece of fabric, florals will add a retro touch to any ensemble. Florals will be seen on floaty midi dresses, a variety of skirts, and airy blouses. Most floral fabrics come in muted, soothing colors reminiscent of rural country life, including dusty blue and mauve. Bolder colors will pop against the warm neutrals and are also part of the Cottagecore aesthetic.

This aesthetic also draws inspiration from folklore music. While it may seem too far out of date for some, the Cottagecore aesthetic is alive and well in the LGBTQ+ community. It is particularly popular with lesbian and bisexual women. The style is a hybrid of a traditional medieval aesthetic and modern society.

Those who like the Cottagecore aesthetic will find it appealing to a variety of tastes. A cottage-style home can be affordable, cozy, and natural-looking. It may be a return to the agrarian lifestyle that people long for, but the idea behind it is simple and budget-friendly.

A cottage-style ensemble can be worn while gardening, reading a book, sitting under a willow tree, or writing a letter. The Cottagecore aesthetic is full of soft, romantic details that evoke a simpler time. This style is often associated with natural colors, and vintage prints.

The ideal soft girl aesthetic combines a wide-leg top, a cropped knit cardigan, and a pair of white sneakers. A monochromatic outfit is another trend that will become highly popular in 2022. This style is also a mix of different styles, with plaid mini skirts, crop tops, and sneakers. Alternatively, you can dress up in a bralette and combat boots to complete your look.



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