Lime Crime Pony Liquid Lipstick


This high-pigmented liquid lipstick glides on like silk and will not bleed, and it comes in several bold shades, including the best-selling Red Velvet. Its French Vanilla-infused formula leaves the lips soft and smooth. A bold lip color like this is ideal for creating daring makeup looks.

Colors available

The Lime Crime pony hair color line features a wide range of hair colors and is DIY-friendly, which means that you can create professional-quality results at home without the help of a professional stylist. The formulas contain no damaging ingredients and are designed to soften and condition your hair. The colors will stay on your hair for up to two hours. They will wash out in two weeks depending on the type of hair you have.

The brand also offers semi-permanent hair color. The colors are pigmented enough to appear vibrant even on light brown locks, and they fade gracefully. Lime Crime’s formula is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, which means you can feel good about wearing it. Unlike some other hair colors, the colors used by the company are not tested on animals, making them a great option for people with animal-friendly pet allergies or sensitive skin.

The Lime Crime Pony hair dye comes in three sizes, and you can mix and match colors with different hair colors. However, you should keep in mind that light colors won’t show up well on dark hair. Also, if you’re going to dye your hair a different color from your pony hair, it’s best to try a few lighter colors first before applying them to your whole head.

Lime Crime pony hair color is a vibrant purple shade. It’s best applied on pre-lightened hair, but it will give a subtle tint on most natural hair colors. Unlike other pony hair coloring products, Lime Crime pony hair color is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Lime Crime pony hair color can be a fun way to spice up your hair. It can add a bit of personality and make it stand out from the crowd. The hair dye has been designed to last up to three weeks. It doesn’t stain clothing. And, it doesn’t cost a fortune.

DIY-friendly formula

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Full Coverage is a sweet-smelling and ultra-conditioning hair color that transforms hair into vibrant shades. Unlike other hair dyes, Lime Crime’s formula doesn’t damage your strands, and the dye fades gracefully. The formula is 100% vegan and carries a delicious citrus vanilla scent. It works best on hair that is pre-lightened to platinum to medium blonde, but will also leave a subtle flush on darker blonde hair.

Lime Crime hair dye is easy to use and provides professional-looking results in the comfort of your own home. Lime Crime formulas are free of harsh chemicals and have been formulated to condition and soften hair, making them a great choice for DIY-ers. Each color has its own characteristics, and they work differently on different base hair colors. If you have light brown hair, for instance, you can use Lime Crime shades like Sea Witch to add some playfulness to your hair.

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair dye is a great option if you’d like to add some extra color to your pony hair. The full-coverage formula delivers vibrant color to pre-bleached hair. It deep-conditions strands and protects them from environmental and chemical damage. It also contains fatty acids and vitamins that are great for your hair.


Lime Crime hair dye is a popular hair dye available in a variety of colors. Its most popular shade is a bright lime green known as “unicorn.” It’s a semi-permanent color, so your hair will be safe from damage. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free.

Lime Crime hair dye takes a while to fade. You can speed up the process by washing it more frequently, but you may need to seek professional help if you want to get rid of the color completely. You can also try soaking your hair in a bleach solution for a few minutes. The jars of limecrime hair dye are $16 each, and the formula contains no ammonia. The full color will last about ten to twelve washes, and the transition effect will last for up to 48 hours.


If you’re wondering how to dye your pony’s hair without spending too much money, Lime Crime has you covered. The brand’s unique formulas make it possible for anyone to get salon-quality results at home. Their products are damage-free and designed to condition and soften hair. Plus, each color affects different base hair colors differently. If you’ve got brown hair, for example, limecrime pink will add a playful touch to it.


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