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How to Find BTS Merch in the Philippines


If you’re a fan of BTS, then you’ll need to know how to find BTS merch in the Philippines. There are different ways to purchase official merch, including personal shopper service, online storefronts, and pop-up stores. We’ll cover all of these options in this article.

Personal shopper

If you’d like to buy BTS merch in the Philippines, you’ll have to look outside of the usual shopping malls. The Internet is a great place to find BTS merchandise, especially if you want something specific. Many fans turn to Twitter to buy and sell BTS merchandise, and you can do the same. Simply type in “BTS merchandise PH” and you’ll see many small stores selling various items. There are no guarantees, however, so be careful with your purchases.

If you’d like to buy BTS DVDs, you’ll probably have to do a little more research. These are hard to find online, and sometimes they’re sold out. If you can find them, they’re available at a very affordable price. However, you have to be patient and wait for them to be back in stock.

Official merch

It’s easy to find BTS merchandise in the Philippines if you know where to look. There are several online stores that sell official BTS merchandise, but if you’re looking for something specific, you’ll probably need to go to a physical store. If you’re looking for merchandise from a particular artist, you can also check out their Weverse store, which sells merch from other artists. While this store doesn’t ship internationally, they do have a guide on how to ship it to the Philippines.

For those looking for something a little more limited, you can visit SPACE OF BTS in SM Megamall. It’s open every day from 10 AM to 10 PM, with extended hours on weekends. Due to COVID-19 regulations, there are only a limited number of visiting slots available to fans, and each visit will last 45 minutes.

Price of official merch

Purchasing official BTS merchandise from online retailers in the Philippines is relatively cheap. There are several places online where you can purchase BTS merchandise. Some online retailers are affiliated with BTS and other artists. This can save you a lot of money on shipping costs. However, you’ll need to wait weeks or months before your items arrive.

The best place to buy official BTS merchandise in the Philippines is online. Some stores offer free shipping, while others charge for international shipping. You can also purchase fan-made merchandise, which supports local businesses. If you want to purchase official BTS merch in the Philippines, there are several places online and offline.

Pop-up store

BTS fans can now shop for their favorite K-pop items at the newly opened BTS merch PH pop-up store! This 190-square-meter store showcases over 400 products from the group. These include apparel, home items, stationery, and more! In addition, the pop-up store features special photo zones where fans can get a picture with the members.

The pop-up store features merchandise from both BTS and the other K-pop group SEVENTEEN. It is open to the public, but fans must be accompanied by a parent to enter the photozone area. The store is located at the 1 Utama Shopping Center in Petaling Jaya.

The pop-up store features licensed and exclusive BTS merch. The mall announced the pop-up store on its official platform, Weverse, an online community for K-Pop fans. It outlined the details of the pop-up store, including admission, purchasing, and reservation guidelines. Visitors should make reservations in advance, to improve their chances of getting a spot. The pop-up store will open more sessions in the future, so fans should mark their calendars and make their purchases early.

Aside from the BTS merchandise, fans can also buy TinyTAN products, hoodies, and pajamas. The prices for these items range from P300 to P8,000. The pop-up store is also a good place to purchase merch inspired by the song ‘Permission to Dance.’ The store will also feature more items related to the group, including BTS merchandise inspired by Tiny Tan’s “Permission to Dance” album.

‘MAP OF THE SOUL’ will also make its way to the Philippines next. The pop-up store will open its doors on May 29, 2021, at the SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City. The pop-up will feature merchandise from both BTS and SEVENTEEN. More details are expected to be revealed in the weeks to come.

As part of the event’s safety protocol, the pop-up store will require visitors to wear face masks and temperature checks. Guests with a temperature of 37.5 will not be allowed to enter the pop-up.



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